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Liberia Update (March 2015) 

Ebola is ebbing in Liberia, praise God, schools are opening and children are returning to school.  The following list of needs has been sent to us by Pr. Maxwell Whea who receives our container in Monrovia.

The laptops and sewing machines, for which we have received a large donation which Judy White is applying, will be used in a newly built center in which young deaf girls will learn a marketable skill.  These young girls have been badly misused and must resort to begging by the side of the road with their little children.  With a marketable skill they will be able to support themselves.  The medical equipment and hospital linens will of course go to the hospitals which have been depleted by the Ebola epidemic.  School supplies will enable children to have what they need to learn.

Below are two photos (two with inset captions and two without) recently sent by Pastor Maxwell Whea of the Symthe Road Church in Monrovia, Liberia.  They are of two young ladies at the Deaf School which the church has opened, and they illustrate how these ladies are willing and able to take advantage of opportunities to learn when they are offered.  The Maryland Branch of the Orphan Grain Train is gathering items for a shipment which will include school supplies for this and other schools.  Five new Brother sewing machines (two heavy-duty and three light-duty) have been donated by Annapolis Lutheran Church and are being readied for shipment.  We are looking for other school supplies of a general nature (see list).

Thank you so much for helping us help the suffering people of Liberia.

Current Needs:

Hospital Equipment Needed

Donations for the Orphans

1. The girl in the blue uniform blouse with her arm crossed in front is Decontee Johnson, a deaf girl in her school uniform at the deaf school at the Smythe Road Church in Monrovia, Liberia, where we are building the center to train young deaf girls.

2. The young lady with her hair in a scarf is Natty David, also a deaf person studying at the Deaf School at Smythe Road Church in Monrovia, Liberia.  Natty has two children, Love and Mamie, yet she had no means of earning a living–only begging, said Pastor Whea.



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Orphan Grain Train – Maryland Division

The Orphan Grain Train is an all volunteer ministry which seeks to serve our Lord Jesus by sharing our personal and material resources with our brothers and sisters in need, here in the United States, as well as all over the world. We collect medical equipment of all kinds, clothing, linens, school supplies and bicycles and ship in 40 foot containers. Most recently we have shipped to our missionaries in Kyrgyzstan and Nicaragua.

Every Tuesday morning from 9:30 – 11:30 AM a group of volunteers meet at St. Paul to sort and pack clothing in the Orphan Grain Train Room in the undercroft of the church. We need your help even if just for an hour. If you have any clothing to donate or crutches, canes or walkers, please bring them to the church and sign your name and address in the OGT packing room.

If you have any questions or would like more information on ways you can volunteer, please call Elfie Eberle 410-544-1621 or Al Carreras 410-757-4667.

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