Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Serving the Church

The backbone of any congregation is its volunteers for they are the priesthood of believers of the parish. There are many opportunities for services here at St. Paul for people of all ages. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the opportunities below or would like more information, please contact the person for each group.

Worship Assistants: They assist the pastor in leading worship at every service. If interested contact Pastor Brian.

Communion Assistants: They assist the pastor and the worship assistant in the distribution of Holy Communion at each service. Contact Mary O’Connor (410-757-1652,

Cantors: They lead worship by chanting the opening liturgy and the psalms for each service. Contact: Jim Turk at 240-460-0344 or Charles King at 410-757-1652,

Lectors: For each service the Lector reads one or more of the assigned lessons for the day. Contact: Pastor Brian or Mary O’Connor at 410-757-1652.

Ushers: They make sure the church building is ready for worship, they hand out the worship bulletins, receive the offering, assist people in taking Holy Communion and any other tasks that the pastor may need them to carry out so that the worship service goes smoothly. Contact: Jim Wapshott (410-647-0028,

Greeters: Our greeters are the first line of welcoming people to our church. They stand at the front door to welcome everyone coming for worship and during the welcoming portion of the worship service give to each guest family a Welcome Bag that explains all of the ministries of St. Paul. Contact: Jim Wapshott (410-647-0028,

Altar Guild: Members of the Altar Guild prepare the Altar for worship, setup the flowers, prepare the Communion ware, and assist the pastor with his vestments. Following the service they prepare the flowers either to be taken to the sick or given to the person who has donated them for that service.

Choir: The choir assists in leading worship during the program portion of the year (September through May). They sing special music for most services during those months. Contact: Jim Turk at 240-460-0344.