Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod


Liturgical Worship With Communion


Join us for worship every Sunday at 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM. All services celebrate Holy Communion and incorporate the historic liturgy of Christian worship throughout the centuries.

Children are also invited to come with their parents to Holy Communion to receive a blessing.

Everyone attending worship is invited to Luther Hall for light refreshments and a period of fellowship in a relaxed, friendly manner. It is a time to share words of encouragement to friends and an opportunity to make new friends.

A Note To Our Visitors About Communion

As Lutherans we believe that the body and blood of Christ are truly present together with the bread and wine as we receive the Sacrament. Jesus told us this in His words: “Take, eat, this is my body… this is my blood.” We believe and teach that in this Sacrament Christ offers us his real presence for the forgiveness of all of our sins. If you are a baptized Christian and you share this belief regarding the Sacrament, we invite you to participate at the Lord’s Table with us. If not, you are still invited forward to receive a blessing from the pastor – please indicate this by crossing your arms across your chest at the communion rail.


Special Services

During the Seasons of Advent and Lent special worship services are held on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM. Holy Communion is celebrated in each of the special services with the exception of Good Friday. There is a Soup Supper which precedes the worship services from 6:00 to 6:45 PM at no charge.


Advent is the Season of Anticipation! During the four weeks prior to Christmas we anticipate the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He comes to us as the Spoken and Written Word of God, he comes to us in the Sacraments, he comes as the Word Made Flesh, the Child of Bethlehem, and we await His Second coming to take us home to be with Him for eternity.


Lent is the 40 day season that begins on Ash Wednesday calling us to focus on our need for a Savior. It is a time of repentance where we acknowledge our sin and ask God to forgive us through the Saving Act of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.

Holy Week

Holy Week celebrates the Final Week in the Life of Jesus as he dies to make us free to be God’s Children. The Week begins with Passion Sunday/Palm Sunday which gives an over view of the week to come. Maundy Thursday service is held at 7:00 PM on Thursday and focuses on the Institution of the Lord’s Supper and the arrest and trial of Jesus. The service ends in silence and continues the next evening, Good Friday at 7:00 PM, with the focus now being on the suffering and death of Jesus on the Cross. This is the only service which does not include the Holy Communion. This service also ends in silence and concludes on Easter morning with the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Other special worship services that are held include Weddings and Funerals. Holy Baptisms are celebrated during regular worship services. These services are scheduled through the pastor and the church office.


Thanksgiving Eve: 7:00 PM with Holy Communion


Christmas Eve: December 24

  • Christmas Candlelight: 7:00 PM with Holy Communion
    This service a Candlelight Communion Service with special music, adult choir, instruments, and many well-known hymns. Parents are encouraged to bring their children!

Christmas Day: December 25

  • The Feast of the Nativity: 10:30 AM with Holy Communion
    A joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ for the whole family. The service is filled with many well known Christmas Carols and includes the message of the day.


The St. Paul Singers are our adult choir for the Sunday morning Liturgical service. This is an adult choir but High School students who are able to commit to rehearsals and are able to sing at the service are welcome to join. The St. Paul Singers are a traditional choir in that it sings a variety of sacred choral and gospel music, usually in SATB format.  The St. Paul Singers rehearse between the early and late services on Sunday morning.

Director of Music – Jim Turk